Apple AirPlay Demo for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

iOS 4.2 for the iPad allows you to stream audio and video from your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and from iTunes to an AppleTV. In this video I demonstrate how A…

[youtube orfD45VQB1c]

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  1. cosplayeranime:

    Can I use it for gaming?

  2. Da Boss:

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  3. Jenaro Villarreal:

    That was cool dude just got a 50″ Lg tv,an a Sony blu ray disc 3D home system try to hook up all I get get for this system Ty for your video

  4. XxSuperShadicxX:

    Can you show apps on the tv

  5. Imperiosus Tyrannus:

    Will a movie keep on playing if put the iPad in StandBy-mode?

  6. emma badawy:

    can I use my ipad while airplay from website? Also, screen saver interrupts airplay. It wasn’t like that before. Do I need to change anything in settings?

  7. BaconAndMinecraft:

    i have the apple tv and everything but i cant stream videos, musik and stuff that little share apple tv thing dosent come up. please help

  8. mercy lambo:

    Can you pls tell wat was the name of that movie of the clowns , cus it seem pretty awsome .

  9. myapplezone:

    Glad this was helpful!

  10. Vicki Watson:

    this helped me out a lot. I am trying to acclimate myself to the Apple TV i got for Chirstmas

  11. ADRIAN martinsen:

    Can i stream spotify to apple tv

  12. BOXTER1986:

    Can i airplay HBO go from ipad to apple tv?

  13. MemoryTechnologies:

    Will airplay play the audio and video from other streaming sites like Amazon Prime, or HBO Go, etc? Thanks…

  14. hamza afridi:

    AIr PLaY aND aPplE tv ARe ThE SAMe rIGHt?

  15. myapplezone:

    The song is The Funeral by Band of Horses

  16. Marcos Mendoza:

    Whats the first song called

  17. jaypkan:

    I need to get Apple tv

  18. Nick Pahls:

    did you double tap the home button and go over to the left twice and see if it is there?

  19. Nick Pahls:


  20. Nick Pahls:

    if you have the fourth generation then just go to the app and open it and when it opens just double-click the home button and swipe over the the left 2 times and there should be a icon with rectangle with a triangle pointing in it click that and it should go through airplay to your device.

  21. 5150RELIC:

    Is it capable of turning iPad into a screen for the iPhone because I have unlimited data on iPhone not iPad. I been looking everywhere for how to do this. Thanks in advance.

  22. bestcheapnewdeals:

    Great demo. Just got an appletv and it’s awesome with the airplay system.

  23. frank corona:

    how do you play games thru airplay with the iPod and whats the app for it?

  24. curtistilbo:


  25. MrCuiso:

    Can you play games with airplay