iPhone 5 Box Prank — Randomness

watch what happens when you drop boxes of brand new iPhone 5’s in front of hundreds of customers camped out for days to be the first to get a new iPhone. the…

[youtube eRKIWfE6Fws]

iphone 6

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комментариев 20

  1. scott1506:

    hahahahhhaah yas fuk u apple!!!

  2. supasyobon:


  3. Angelina Carson:


  4. CASmelly:

    its not broken…. yeah.. its probably broken

  5. SaucyBegger25:

    Why would you even be waiting for a phone. Sad fuckers.

  6. mrjustglitchforfun:

    Stupid v

  7. 1497lilboy:

    so does he use real ones!?!? because either he’s fucking rich, a jerk!! or just plain WTF!!

  8. Bruce Wayne:

    Maybe :)

  9. haloomies6969:


  10. Bruce Wayne:

    the specs are upgraded, and my 2 year old galaxy s plus still has a better cpu

  11. Pufferfish222:

    i got an iphone 5 because i didnt have an iphone in the first place.

  12. JYbeauty29:


  13. Keith Batcheller:

    i cant stop laughing at 1:25 lol

  14. Manuel Noble:

    first video i see already subscribing

  15. jake winkle:

    jouletheif is awesome

  16. ramoon66666:

    i bet apple pay for them just to make the halo for the iphone you know company tricks

  17. jill ung:

    no way it’s JOULETHEIF

  18. Tony Ho:

    these are awesome. do more.

  19. Clarissa Chasefield:


  20. See me Bright: