Top 10 Cydia Tweaks iOS 6.1 iPhone 5,4S, iPad Mini,4, iPod Touch After 6.1 Evasi0n Jailbreak & 2013

WATCH FIRST The Best TOP 10 Cydia Tweaks for 6.1 and iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPad mini, iPad 4,3 and the iPod touch 5th,4th generation devices for 2013 can be found…

[youtube GeRr7XD7ji0]

ipod 10

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  1. BOSSclips10:


  2. straightswaged:

    whats that tweak where he just exits applications by his fingers instead of the home button?

  3. jlm9916:

    If you want the paid tweaks free add this source cydia.

  4. janelly sepulveda:

    Df man IT’S NOT FREE

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  7. tclloyd007:

    Looks like an iPhone 4

  8. joshua12hubert:

    I just got infinity dock

  9. janelly sepulveda:

    OMG I dnt wanna waste my money damn

  10. Filzia:

    i installed auxo and it deleted all my fucking apps

  11. Glynor Plet:

    You should read this tutorial before you start with unlocking!
    Best tutorial here!

  12. Divij Satija:

    watch my video of cydia tweaks NEW! (MAY)

  13. HadenGames:

    are these all free?

  14. Hunter Joseph Little:

    I’m so glad I watched this video thank you!

  15. MegaChargersfan619:

    Cool Cydia tweaks

  16. Brian Head:

    i like that stuff you do it is always good idea to watch you

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  18. MrLilpwnage:

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  20. Debbie Swanson:

    Great job make more!

  21. Debbie Swanson:

    Amazing video! Im so impressed at all the stuff you discover. BRAVO

  22. wolf pup:

    i just jailbroke my device how do i get the apps or settings on cydia?

  23. LittleBigGiya:

    Great video but what source do i need to get OpenBackup?

  24. Vindictive Poptart:

    love infinidock

  25. XxToxiicxH4zexX: