Nihilumbra iPhone Gameplay Review —

Nihilumbra iPhone Gameplay Review. Visit for more great iPhone and iPad game reviews. Installed Size — 394 MB…

[youtube _6X51_G-vfw]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. NuMoonRawk:

    Looks positively gorgeous. Must have taken an aweful lot of time to create.

  2. DevinAustra:

    This game is awesome! Too bad more people don’t try it; it gets MUCH more difficult in the second play through. Unfortunately, people are only seeing videos of the easy play through and thinking it’s too easy and short for a $2.99 game, when in fact it’s not. «Void mode» is anywhere from mildly challenging to maddening to insane, depending on the level.

  3. TheMastick:

    I LOVE this. The thrilling gameplay, eerie audio and continuous sense of escape really makes this game one of my all time favorites! Thank you so much for introducing this to me Andrew!

  4. Joshuabrutl:

    Wish this was on android

  5. XxCodemansxX:

    Whew thought that was only me

  6. Damiel Daélius:

    Please fix your site, it crashes all the time

  7. PhillipTerry103:

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  8. PhillipTerry103:


  9. Alex Vedeniapine:

    I reckon if he kept all the apps he has ever reviewed on one iPhone it would be over a hundred gigabytes. 😀 I’m sure they’ve got a computer down at appspy with hundreds of apps though