Top 10 Best Free Apps/Games for iPhone, iPod Touch — Ep.10 (April 2013)

Thanks for watching, Here are the games/apps I showed in this video: 10. Draw Something 2 Free 9. Twitter Music 8. GolfStar 7. Draw Rider 6. Pixel People 5. …

[youtube wJz61vId8XI]

ipod 10

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комментариев 17

  1. Jaafar Farhan:

    Omg I’m in love with the yahoo messenger!!!

  2. SickestFlare:

    Wtf the percentage can be toggled on and off from factory settings, you don’t need to be jailbroken, this is so basic..

  3. Jessica Caldwell:

    Guys , Its a Ipod 5th gen and they have the %

  4. dogsRock465dive:

    Nice one.

  5. N01s3bOmB:

    Where did you get that dock from bro?

  6. mamcita gegde:

    Dude its only if your jailbroken

  7. mamcita gegde:

    No dude hes jailbroken.

  8. asternotdog:

    its only for iphone

  9. ArshRider:

    guys if you want amazon$25,itunes$25,playstation3,xbox360 bundle,ipad4 and many more giftcards then follow these steps
    1.go to app store and search checkpoints
    2.after downloading open checkpoints the top right hand side click on the settings icon on my account and sign up bonus code section type arshrider15 and register will get 100 points as reward
    7.after redeeming some credits you can earn a giftcard or gadget of your choice

  10. TechnoGonzo:

    It’s a tweak

  11. tuong93:

    Settings -> General -> Usage -> Battery Percentage (Switch ON)

  12. Singforlove21:

    How did you get the percentage on your iPod please tell me

  13. GamingVideoVlad:

    You use Milo Stand ?

  14. RobbiRobb215:

    Lost me at 8. 🙁

  15. VoltrixFX:

    Please Make a Link to your Wallpaper:)

  16. omar berumen:

    how do you get the battery percentage

  17. Yves Inosa:

    please help how do get the battery persentage again