JellyLock Best iOS 6 Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone and iPod Touch

Name: JellyLock Repo: Price: Free Customize your lockscreen to resemble that of an android with the slide to unlock…

[youtube 3sBNKPJiV6c]

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  1. iTechDownload:

    Download from BigBoss Repo 🙂

  2. XxFairWARNINGxX:

    When I add it, it keeps going into safe mode. Anybody else having that issue? Any solutions? Please help

  3. appletechspot:

    Please check out my channel for cool tweaks, news, jailbreak updates and more. MUST SEE! I work hard on my videos. Thanks!

  4. Donte Dansby:

    What’s the theme on the lock screen

  5. Michy Giraldo:

    What source did you use it’s a 911 plssssss answer

  6. Mark Joseph:

    One my favorite tweaks!

  7. theman7431:

    i like this :0)

  8. Diontrell Smith:

    Mine does not have «app shortcuts» in it

  9. Trey Weeks:

    Can you change it back to normal

  10. appletechspot:

    Check out my channel for cool tweaks, new, reviews, jailbreak updates and much more. MUST SEE! =)

  11. Esco6698:

    or just an Android running Jelly Bean

  12. blackphotographer:

    Love your show, very professorial, I tried to load the source but no go so I’m using Atom until then. keep up doing your thing!

  13. RubioSanchezz5:

    I cant get this

  14. Jeronimo Gadea:

    Cant find IT in cydia….

  15. Daimonck:

    What’s the name of the tweak that cuts the screen in half when you unlock your device ?

  16. Ismael Ochoa:

    I have been looking 4 this since ive jailbroke my ipod. Thank U very much.!!! You just earned your self a subcriber and a like

  17. Ismael Ochoa:

    Tanx :p. — iOS 7

  18. husammo123:

    What is this lock screen wallpaper please? Anyone? Thanks

  19. husammo123:

    What is tho

  20. TheKingelmobap:

    grade 7 here, There are already girls in my school that wear shorts that are half way, to there knees.

  21. Tim Kirkpatrick:

    I really enjoy your video’s there great thank you! I have a question is it safe to install the repo’s you have listed? I tried downloading one and it said to do at my own risk?

  22. Crossover3king:

    how come i only have to icons cant find the advance button ? help ? maybe?

  23. iDevice HelpingBlog:

    very cool, there are no mistakes in the beta

  24. Blaine Sieck:

    Same here, I have a 3GS and I have the same issue

  25. Sam Sypher:

    black lady talking tech ? daaaaamn dat sexy!