iTunes Home Sharing on iPhone, iPod, and iPad

In this video, I demonstrate how to set up iTunes Home Sharing to work on your iOS device. ; Note:

[youtube 1aEu0DFEp5Q]

ipod 5

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  1. Kevin le:

    mine doesnt come up with shared HELLP PLZ

  2. MagicMr007:

    I’ve got a problem…
    When I click on «More» in the Music application, only three tabs show up instead of the whole list you got there… I only have «Composers»,»Genres» and «Compilations»…
    I don’t have the «Shared» option…
    Can someone tell me how I do get this?

  3. tevvytevv:

    Why won’t mine play the shared music

  4. CJ Acuzar:

    hey. will itunes homesharing be able to acces the music even offline? the music even if

  5. bluejay55118:

    what if you get a blue pop up that says «cannot connect to library»?

  6. specialop213:

    Can my brother and I share apps we have bought?

  7. Fisher Flame:

    Helpful…why would u buy Barbie girl?

  8. Emmett Haak:

    Helpful:) thanks!!!!!

  9. quincycaspian:

    Thank you for posting this.  I was ready to pull my hair out.

  10. DJByrne23:

    Very helpful thank you

  11. xSevenSecondSurgeryx:

    I tried this but it didn’t work for me. If you have the same problem just sync your device to your iTunes through your desktop then right click on your device and click «Transfer Purchases». This worked for me.

  12. MyHitty:

    Barbie girl, seriously?

  13. Huseen Alwazan:

    perfect,i have a question buddy whats the difference between the STORAGE & BACKUP AND HOME SHARING

    Thank you

  14. NewMartinOfRedwall:

    does that matter? lolz

  15. DrivasTheGenius:

    Hey man, I’d be super appreciative if you can help me out. I’m simply trying to get an audio file off my friends iPad, but am having major trouble. First whenever I connected the iPad to iTunes it would freeze my iTunes. Now, I open Edit->Preferences before I plug in the iPad, and it loads it good, but it takes forever to backup/sync and while in the process of doing so I still can’t access the files I need. Can anyone give me any advice? Is there maybe an App I could get to transfer easily?

  16. BassGuitarRussian:

    you have some pretty girly music

  17. Shane Haghani:

    it doesnt work if u have no songs

  18. dalebrooks63:

    Really helpful thank you

  19. natedogg5643:

    Your just opening stuff then going back. Calm down and have another monster