iPod Touch 5G Unboxing & Hands-On/ First Impression 2012 | New Apple iTouch 5th Generation Unbox

New iPod Touch 5G Unboxing 5th Generation & Hands-On/ First Impression | New Apple iTouch 5th Generation Unbox Heres the unboxing of the newly released ipod …

[youtube h720fdGsfpk]

ipod 5

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комментария 22

  1. Azam Khan:

    not having charger

  2. Takabro Lolz:

    Depends on what you wanna do with it, If you planning on downloading lots of apps and music you might be alright with 64 GB. I have got the 32 GB and I’m fine with it I either game on it.

  3. Takabro Lolz:

    I got the black one, I chose black because the front of the iPod looks nice glassy black and I like that orelse it’s just white on the front, black matches black :). I’d suggest black but if you like colours I’d get blue.

  4. motv099:

    Ipod 5 hab ich auch bald GERMANY !!!

  5. Cristian Ponse:

    i don’t know if i should get the blue or black

  6. connor D:

    should i buy the 32 now or save up for the 64 later 0_o

  7. darren gittos:

    Who likes 5gen they will stick out of your pocket

  8. Geeta Bajaj:

    this is awesome I just need $299 😀

  9. Princeton Jaquene:

    I just got a 32 gb 5 generation blue 2 weeks ago

  10. MrWiggles12341:

    Im just on my way to buying one 😀

  11. Pix Pax:

    You have to buy the earpods to get microphone, the one that comes with it has no microphone.

  12. appleboy12ify:

    Getting mine tomorow

  13. mrEPIChudson:

    getting 1 tomorrow

  14. MrsEminem12345:

    @Felix Addo you’re soo right <3

  15. MyYKz:

    Do the earphones have a mic on email

  16. NaiReEimaiKyprios:

    there is no outlet for charging in the package? ;o

  17. PurpleCupcaker24:

    Got the exact same one. So awesome

  18. jassa virk:

    But i think blue looks awesome

  19. jassa virk:

    Got a red one

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  21. artur200711:

    Никак не могу решить что купить:-(

  22. Lukinhas Amaral:

    m getting one on next christmas! Brasil is very bad with tecnology